Cloud Mario

Spin and create Cloud Platforms

Great for movement around the map

Your weakness if you get wet, you lose the power-UP


Rock Mario

Spin and become a rock

Great for breaking things

In the rock stage can't make sharp curves


Fire Mario

You have the ability to throw fire balls

One of the classic and great to wiping big waves of enemies


Bee Mario

With Bee Mario you can fly for short amount of times

Also if there is HoneyComb you can stick to the wall and climb


Drill Mario

With Drill Mario you can penetrate soft terrain to travel to the other side of the planet

But once you start drilling you can't stop


Boo Mario

It allows you to become a ghost

Having the ability to make yourself invisible and to clip through walls


Spring Mario

You gain the ability to never stop jumping with an increased height

Also you can only stop moving if you charge to make a super high jump


Rainbow Mario

You are invincible and can't take any type of damage

Also if come in contact with an enemy they die